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Intellischolar digital marketing Foundation course

If you want to build your career in Digital Marketing, then the course lineup designed by IntelliScholar helps in building a strong foundation for everyone from beginners to professionals. In our digital marketing courses you will get to know about the introduction to core concepts of SEO for making your online presence, SMO for leveraging social media platforms, SMM helps in engaging your audience, then it comes to SEM in which you will learn about the paid advertising strategies and also content marketing for creating impactful content. As you progress from advanced to master level, you will get into the deep knowledge of all the concepts along with mastering tactics and specializations that help you gain expertise in the field of digital marketing.

Intellischolar digital marketing Foundation course

Foundation Course

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Syllabus Topics

Syllabus / Topics

62 + topics covered



9 + modules



Duration 1.5 Months


In this module, you will get to know about what digital marketing is and even also explore why it is essential for today’s business also learn about the key differences between traditional and digital marketing along with learning new and powerful techniques like SEO, social media, and other online advertising methods that helps you in developing your marketing skills.


In the market research and analysis module, we will cover all the essential skills like how you can do keyword research to find the main keyword and key phrases. Along with this, you will also learn how to do the research of your competitor’s keywords to analyze their presence and SERP rankings by simultaneously identifying target areas and goals.


The SEO helps in improving your website’s ranking on the search engine platforms like Google. But how does it do so? You will get to know about each and every on-page element like title and keyword research along with the off-page tactics which include social sharing and link building. Despite the SEO being too vast you will cover every aspect in this module.


All the learners will master their Google Search Console skills using the vital tools. Along with this, you will also learn how to verify your site, get an overview of search appearances, analyze the backlinks, manage international and local rankings, check Google indexing status, and even learn how to boost your site’s overall performance.


In the Google Analytics module you will learn about the powerful tool that is Google Analytics which helps in understanding the website performance. And you will also learn how to get the tracking codes of your site and analyze the traffic to gain insights into your audience behavior.


You can also develop your social media skills with our comprehensive training on social media platforms like Twitter, and Facebook optimization, and effective posting methods. As well you will also learn about the use of hashtags and tagging strategically that helps you get the knowledge of how you can grow your social media platforms.


We also teach you how to build a powerful and effective content marketing strategy that helps you in creating engaging content for your audience in various formats like slides, PDFs and videos. This helps you in enhancing your skills in content creation and as a result you will be able to deliver the quality and engaging content for your audience.


In the Google Ad Words module, you will learn about all the essentials of PPC marketing, from keyword research to creating the first ad campaign. You will also explore more about the ad extensions, display advertising basics, and the different display ad formats which in turn help in driving traffic and generating leads.


The last module that we cover in the foundation course of digital marketing is blogging. In this, you will learn how to start writing your own blogs, what benefits you get, and also about the key differences between the free hosted and paid hosting platforms.


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