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Intellischolar digital marketing Master course

If you want to build your career in Digital Marketing, then the course lineup designed by IntelliScholar helps in building a strong foundation for everyone from beginners to professionals. In our digital marketing courses you will get to know about the introduction to core concepts of SEO for making your online presence, SMO for leveraging social media platforms, SMM helps in engaging your audience, then it comes to SEM in which you will learn about the paid advertising strategies and also content marketing for creating  impactful content. As you progress from advanced to master level, you will get into the deep knowledge of all the concepts along with mastering tactics and specializations that help you gain expertise in the field of digital marketing.

Intellischolar digital marketing Foundation course

Master Course

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Syllabus Topics

Syllabus / Topics

139 + topics covered



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Duration 6 Months


In the digital marketing overview module of the advance course, you will learn how to reach and engage audiences through digital channels. Learning digital marketing is essential as it helps you find and connect with people online. In this, you will also learn about how traditional methods are different from digital marketing along with the cost-effective strategies like SEO, SEM, SMM, and email marketing.


In the market research and analysis module, you will learn about the essential concepts which include keyword research, key phrases, prefixes, and suffixes to boost online visibility. Despite all these parameters you will also learn about the competitor research, analyze the online presence, and examine metrics like domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) and also the complete domain guide.


In this, you will learn about what a domain is and the top domain registrar sites. And also learned how to purchase domain names from different providers by understanding the role of web hosting servers. You will also get the knowledge on how to install WordPress and attach your domain name to your chosen hosting server which in turn helps you manage the site’s content adequately.


In the SEO module, we will provide you the knowledge on how to boost the visibility of the website on search engine platforms like Google. In the SEO, there are also various parameters that we cover which include on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and local SEO which in turn includes elements like titles, content structure, social sharing, and knowledge of how to target the specific areas. By understanding in detail all the search engine algorithms you will be able to ensure continuous improvement and enhance the online presence of your websites.


In the Google search console tool, you will learn how to optimize your website’s performance in Google searches. Through this, you will get to know how to appear in the search results, identify technical glitches, and even also learn about the sitemap for smooth indexing. Along with this, by excelling your skills in the Google search console you will be able to monitor backlinks and index sites.


Google analytics is basically a powerful tool with the help of which you will be able to understand and track your website performance. In this module, you will learn how to set up the tracking codes, analyze user behavior and traffic, and also understand the user flow in detail. Apart from these, you will also learn to set up an event that helps you gain insights into how users interact and reach your site.


In the social media marketing module, you will master your skills in Facebook optimization, Twitter optimization, Twitter ads, and analytics, plus expand your skills on Pinterest and LinkedIn and also learn effective post methods and even see examples of perfect posts. Along with this, we will also cover the topics which include hashtags, tagging, and the Facebook algorithm. And also learned to create Facebook ads by analyzing their performance.


In this, learners will be able to master their content marketing field by learning how to build effective strategies, write engaging content for the audience, and also learn how to create content in the form of slides, PDFs, and even videos. You will also learn how to develop content ideas for social media platforms that maximize the reach and impact.


In the E-commerce marketing module, you will learn to master your skills in e-commerce market research, effective content creation, and optimal site structure and even learn to rank new products, manage duplicate and seasonal content, and even also build a lead generation AdWords structure. Apart from all these concepts, you will also learn how to create affiliate marketing strategies that help to boost the online success of any business.


Our Google Ad Words module covers everything you need to excel in PPC marketing. You can learn how to perform keyword research, optimize landing pages, and create your first ad campaign. Along with this, you will also create ad groups, ad copy, keyword insertion, and also use various ad extensions. Along with all these concepts, you will also learn about remarketing, quality score optimization, conversion tracking, and A/B testing with the basics of display advertising, different ad formats, and targeting methods.


In online bidding and freelancing, you will learn how to introduce your profile to the Up Work and other freelancing platforms. By learning this, you will be able to create a stand-out profile, write compelling cover letters, and even also develop winning bidding strategies with the proper guidance that helps you receive the payments in India.


Blogging is always considered the most powerful way by the help of which you will be able to share and express your views on online platforms. In this, you will learn the difference between free hosted and paid blogging platforms, and also tell you how you can choose the best site for you. Along with this, you will also learn how Google AdSense can help you monetize your blog by displaying relevant ads on your site.


In this, we will guide the learners about the essentials of the Google AdSense. In order to stand out in the online world, you need to create a website with unique content and also comply with the AdSense policies. You will also learn about the various ad formats like display and video and also understand how earnings are calculated, and navigate the straightforward payment procedures to maximize online revenue.


Affiliate marketing is the most powerful way to boost sales and earn money by promoting products online. In this module, you will learn how the affiliate marketing model words from selecting programs to getting approval. We will also guide you through the entire process that helps you in learning complete affiliate marketing.


In the online reputation management module you will cover all the topics that help you in maintaining a positive online presence. You will also learn the foundations of online reputation, effective techniques for handling negative feedback and how to manually track audience behavior using the specialized tools.


In video marketing, you will learn to get a master’s in the YouTube video creation and channel optimization. You will also learn how to create engaging content, set up and optimize your You Tube channel for maximum visibility, and also learn to create videos that engage and convert your audience.


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