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Intellischolar Graphic Designing Advance course

The Graphic Designing course you will learn at IntelliScholar helps you in getting the knowledge of eye-catching images and designs using various software like Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator along with various designing tools like Canva, Filmora, and Photopea. Through this, you will also learn about colors, shapes, and fonts and also understand how to make designs that communicate ideas clearly that looks attractive. Whether you want to design websites, logos, or posters, this course gives you the skills you need. It is the perfect course for everyone who loves art and wants to turn that passion into a career.

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Advance Course

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Syllabus Topics

Syllabus / Topics

49+ topics covered



3 + modules



Duration 3 Months

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is basically a versatile tool that is used by the graphic designers. In this module, you will learn how to master your skills in both raster and vector graphics. You will also acquire the concepts of image formats, perform image operations, and enhance your photos with manipulation, transformation, and retouching. Along with all these concepts, you will also get to know the techniques for color correction, adding text, and effects using brushes in order to create effective visuals effortlessly.

Adobe Illustrator

At IntelliScholar, the learners will get the knowledge about the Adobe Illustrator too. This is effective software that is used to create effective vector graphics, raster creation and logos too. In this, you will also learn about tools like Pen tool, Prospective grid, and 3D effects for intricate designs. You will also learn about the versatile text options, branding techniques, and menu options that help to create infographics and logos.

Use of Tools

Here you will also learn about the various and significant tools that play a key role in graphic designing and these are Canva which is used to create effective graphic designs, Filmora for professional video editing and Photopea for web-based photo and graphics editing.


When you learn to use the Canva tool, then you will be able to make creative designs from scratch. And also get to know about the tips to enhance the quality of your work, perfect dimensions for every project, as well craft beautiful background designs. Along with this, you will also learn how to seamlessly integrate text and images, videos and highlights that makes your designs stand out.


Filmora is software that is used by the designers to create the videos. By learning this software you will be able to learn how to use it to create the videos. In this, you will also learn how to import videos, audio, and images in any format. You can also add a plethora of effects, filters, titles, and music to your videos, and the main thing you will learn that how to remove the watermarks and give your video smooth and eye-catchy effects.


In the Photopea you will learn how to edit image, make illustrations, web design or convert them in different image formats.by enhancing them using the layers, masks, and objects.  You will also learn to create effective designs with brushes, text, and vector editing along with this also get to know how to adjust color settings, apply filters, as well explore the animations.


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